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We’re sure you have lots of questions, and we’ve done our best to answer them.  Read more about our safety protocols, cancellation policy, and more. 

Q:  Do I need to be a member of PRO Club to enroll my child for camp?  
A:  No. Kid’s Camps are open to everyone. However, members do receive priority registration and member pricing. Members are welcome to register non-member friends at the non-member rate.  

Q:  Are all camps one-week long?
A:  We offer a variety of camps from week long to daily
and ½ day camps.  

Q:  What is the time schedule?    
A:  Early start camps are 8:00 am – 4:00, Discovery Bay
and Pavilion Camps 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and Aquatic
Camps 9:00 am – 4:00pm ½ day camps vary.
All OFFSITE camps will not allow late drop-off OR early
pickup. Please contact us for any questions.

Q:  How many children are with one instructor/counselor?
A:  Usually, our ratio is 10:1 and sometimes 15:1, depending on the space and age of the children. 

Q:  What are the camp counselor qualifications?
A:  All of the PRO Club camp teachers and counselors
have passed background checks and are CPR/First Aid
certifi ed. In our specialty sports camps, the coach has
specialty training in their sport and is either a sport
professional, former/current collegiate athlete, or former/current Varsity/Club Sport athlete.

Q:  Is lunch/snack included?
A:  Lunch and snacks are not included due to government guidelines and limited food services at PRO. We request that parents pack a nut-free lunch, snacks and water bottle for their child(ren). Coaches and staff are not permitted to handle or microwave any food items for campers. Lunches are stored in camper’s backpacks within their own designated cubby. Grab and Go food, snacks, and beverages are available for purchase in the Café before the start of camps. 


Q:  Do you have any discounts available?
A:  Members and child of members receive member and child-of-member pricing.  

Q:  What is the cancellation policy?
A:   PRO Club reserves the right to cancel any camp that does not meet capacity requirements. You will be notified of any cancellation. Minimum of four participants must be enrolled for camp to be held. In the event a camp is canceled by PRO Club, any registered participant will be refunded 100% of their original
payment. There are no pro-rated refunds or make-ups offered for missed days of registered camps.
If a member or guest needs to cancel a camp reservation or reschedule a session, one week notice is required. Please contact the Front Desk to make a cancellation. Camp fees are non-refundable for cancellations made less than one week
prior to the first day of the camp session.

Q:  What is the location for the camps?

A:  Camps are held in the spacious facilities at PRO Club in Bellevue and specialty camps are in local parks and/ or at Pegasus Ranch. Several camps will be at multiple locations during the week.

Q:  Do you administer swim tests for children?

A:  For swimming camps, campers will be given a swim test.  Children who do not pass or elect not to participate will be required to wear a life jacket. A safety talk will be provided to all swimmers. Lifeguards and camp counselors also supervise swimmers.

Q:  What about camps during the 4th of July holiday?

A:  If your chosen camp is during the holiday week, there will not be any camp held during the day of the 4th. Prices will be adjusted accordingly.


For all OFFSITE camps, there is no late drop off OR early pickup available. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our campers is our number one priority.  Below are the safety measures we adhere to during all camps.


During the first day of check-in, every camper will be issued a custom fit/snap bracelet corresponding to the camp in which they are enrolled. Bracelets will be used by coaches to identify which camp each child is participating in.  Bracelets are designed to fit securely and are not to be removed for the duration of the week.  Coaches constantly check for bracelets during check-in, transitions, and check-out.  If any child is missing a bracelet, a new bracelet will be issued immediately.

Lead & Trail Coaches for all Transitions

Any time campers are transitioning, there is one coach leading the group and one coach at the end.  When the line is longer than usual, an additional coach is positioned in the middle of the single file line. All coaches are responsible for a head count before and after a transition to ensure everyone is present. 

Swim Test

All participants enrolled in swimming camps are required to take a swim test.  If the swim test is not successfully passed the participant will be provided with a life jacket that they are required to wear. 


Off-site and Adventure Camps

Adventures and off-site camps are planned with safety in mind.  Participants are transported to offsite camps and field trips in PRO Shuttles.  Shuttles are equipment with seatbelts which are required to be always worn.  In addition, vans are equipped with dash cams so driving can be monitored. 


Coaches are equipped with a first aid backpack and instructors/coaches are skilled in CPR/basic first aid.

Plus, each camp lead carries the emergency contacts for parents/guardians of participants as well as needed medications/allergies or other physical needs.

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